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Iran Best Quality Barberry

What is Barberry?

Barberry tree is a very beautiful shrub that often grows wildly in most parts of the country, the wild type has often seeded barberry fruit, but there is another type of barberry that is known as ruby red which is without seeds. Barberry is one of the long-standing trees that you will see if you are planting barberry in a low-water state, how you endow and grow with these conditions, so it certainly can be a good option for planting it at home. Barberry fruit are antibacterial, antifungal, and antiprotozoal (trained). Barberry prevents the infection of bacteria by preventing the bacteria from binding to human cells. Barberry can also help keep your heart healthy and keep your body healthy by reducing serum and blood cholesterol levels. Join our Iran Food Tour to experience Persian Food cooked with barberry. 

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Barberry Farm

One of the largest barberry producers in the world is Iran. Currently the largest barberry farms are in South Khorasan, Ghayen, parts of Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Kerman, and also around Tehran. The seedless type, known as rice barberry, is mainly cultivated in Khorasan. In Isfahan and Kashan there are many barberry gardens. The seedless barberry is commercially important.

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The seedless type can grow up to 2 meters. Barberry leaves are usually oval shaped, growing in batches, starting with the beginning of the summer, the flowering period of the barberry tree begins with yellow flowers. It produces color, and in the late summer and early autumn, the flowers come in red and begin to fruit, the reddish barberry fruit grows as a very small, juicy oval that has a sour taste. The barberry tree is very resistant to dehydration and saltiness of the soil, barberry has a very dry and cold nature, which should not be used much in cold season.

Barberry Tree

Picking Barberry

The small trees naturally begin to give barberry after 4-5 years, the harvesting time of the barberry is the month of November when all the barberry is colored and all of them are in the same color. When you want to keep it, you can put it in front of the sun's direct light to dry. Then you can eat it with rice and enjoy your own plant.


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