Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi
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Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi

Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi or Zakhireye Khwarazmshahi was written by Zayn al-Din Gorgani in the fourth century AH. Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi was registered on Iran Memory of the World List in 2013.

Zakhireh Kharazmshahi

Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi is the most important medical work before the contemporary era in Persian language and was written at a time when all major scientific works were in Arabic. This book covers topics such as the anatomy and physiology of the human body, the causes of diseases, health, nutrition, surgery, pharmacology and many other medical topics.

Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi Topics

  1. The first book is about the extent of the science of medicine and its benefits and understanding the essence of people's body and what and how and how to identify themes and phlegm and temperaments and the habits and descriptions of the organs and learning the strengths of the organs.
  2. The second book is about people's moods from health and disease and its illnesses and knowing the pulse and everything that comes out of the body because it is sweat, nausea, bowels and so on and so on.
  3. The third book is about keeping healthy, managing air and lodging and getting to know them, eating and drinking, sleeping and waking, moving and stopping, and knowing about lubricants, perfumes and fragrances, and using oils and fats. Laxative medicine, bloodletting, cupping and leeching, and supplements, suppositories, the treatment of mental illnesses, such as happiness and sorrow, various thoughts, etc., as well as the moods of the people, and the planning of children and travelers.
  4. The fourth book is about recognizing diseases and their progress and crisis and predicting the future of the disease.
  5. The fifth book is about fever and its cause and symptoms and its types and methods of treatment.
  6. The sixth book is about the types of treatments and diseases of each organ from the head to the nail.
  7. The seventh book is about rashes and beards, the arrangement of fissures, the healing, the cure of limbs, and the arrangement of fractures, irritations, and wounds.
  8. The eighth book is about the measures of purity and adornment of the appearance of human beings who adorn it.
  9. The ninth book is about venom and what is harmful, both externally and internally, and the expression of antidotes.
  10. The tenth book is about the interests of animal members.
  11. The eleventh book is about science of pharmacy.

Zakhireh Kharazmshahi

Where is Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi now?

Dhakhira-yi Kharazmshahi is now in the Motahari Library, Tehran.

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