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Ghayen Saffron

Iran Saffron tour in Ghayen is a saffron tour with saffron food and saffron drinks.

Saffron tour is usually done in Ghayen, Khorsan.  Among all the cities in the province of Khorasan Razavi and southern Khorasan Ghayen has been known as the capital of saffron cultivation in Iran. Ghayen saffron is in the first place in terms of quality.

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In recent years, many saffron companies have been operating in South Khorasan Province and Ghayen, and are participating in international markets and exporting to the world, trying to improve the export position of Ghayen saffron in the world. The cultivation of saffron is recognized as the main source of income for the inhabitants of these cities and they earn a living. In the past years, tourism was held in Saffron in the province. The saffron tours were aimed at introducing tourists to the region and the saffron of the province, which received a great reception. By issuing saffron in these cities, Iran has been the first country to export saffron among other countries in the world. Saffron is one of the most valuable items in the field of valuation in Iran. Tourists can travel to South Khorasan Province and Ghayen to buy the country's golden souvenir. The properties of this plant are frequent laughter and strengthen the heart and memory.


Qaenat Saffron:: Best Saffron in the World 

The history of Qaenat saffron cultivation dates back to more than three thousand years ago. The reason for this long history can be found in the study of the characteristics of the saffron plant. Saffron is a plant that needs minimal water during planting. A bit of rainfall in this area has attracted a lot to plant this product. The farm in this area is also rich in minerals needed to grow this valuable plant. This unending patience of Allah has brought saffron quality to the world over.

Excellent climatic conditions for saffron cultivation, this low-yielding crop, as well as the soil of this area, which is rich in saffron plant material, is one of the reasons for the quality of Qaenat Saffron.

Saffron Tour Iran

Saffron Irrigation

This plant is arid and semi-arid. Basically, saffron cannot grow up in wet areas (especially in spring and summer). In dry and semi-arid areas, it is necessary for humans to select low water requirements for optimal use of water and soil.

Qaenat and Gonabad Saffron farming system is the third World Heritage of Agriculture from Iran, which is registered in the FAO Organization. The registration of Gonabad saffron production system as a great victory for Iranian farmers who, with conserving qanat-based irrigation in saffron cultivation system. Qasabeh Qanat in Gonabad has a history of 2,500 years old and more than 2000 hectares of agricultural land is traditionally irrigated in this city.

Qasabeh Qanat


Iran Saffron Tour

Saffron tour in Iran and in Khorasan is cheaper than elsewhere in the world. The province has four main agricultural products in red (jujube, barberry, saffron and pomegranate). The local people are also good and do not deal commercially with tourists, but their goal is to entertain their guests.

Let's pick saffron and enjoy your Iran Saffron Tour!


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