Kashmar Pomegranate
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Kashmar Pomegranate

Bajestan is located in south of Razavi Khorasan Province. The city is about 50 km to Gonabad and more than 60 km to Ferdos, and is located in the way between the southern cities and Mashhad.

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The most famous variety of Bajestan pomegranate is believed to be late in ripping and possesses a relatively soft core, standard size and weight, red skin color, color of the seed is dark red and its taste is sweet and sour at the same time. Pomegranate is the main souvenir of the city, which is supplied in many other cities and is also exported to some countries. The quality and taste of this fruit in the harvest season change the weather of the gardens of the city, as a piece of paradise found in a corner of Khorasan.

Pomegrante Bajestan

You can start your tour pomegranate Bajestan, and it is better to go there in the fall to see the pomegranate farms which are amazing and eye catching. Picking pomegranate starts all year from mid-October and continues until early December. In your pomegranate tour you will enjoy picking pomegranate.

Qanat Role in Irrigation 

After the construction of the pomegranate garden, irrigation is the most important factor in the quality and quantity performance of pomegranate gardens. Note that pomegranate gardens are generally found in warm and dry climates. The annual evaporation level in Iran is about 2500 mm, and in warm and dry climates, trees lose a lot of transpiration, and the abundance of water evaporates in the soil is lost. Along with this, the pomegranate is a fruit that needs a long period of growth, and it adds to the sensitivity of irrigation to this tree. So, using Qanat water helps to design a sustainable water system in a timely and optimal way to water the tree properly.

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At the end of the growth period, with the cooling of the air, the color of the fruits is reddish, and the amount of juice is also increased. The continuation of managed irrigation will result in full fruit growth and weight gain. When the irrigation is abundant, it causes the pomegranate peel to be cracked. During this period, put enough water to the tree in order to avoid increasing the number of the damaged fruits.

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The pomegranate is the tree that grows its main growth in hot seasons. Water is the key to the cultivation of the pomegranate. Consider the tree in terms of quantity and quality of water. Pomegranate gardens need proper irrigation management to produce a qualitative and abundant product. If you are not successful in this, then the product will be limited by the quality. Water is a precious commodity that, if properly managed, will make you proud.

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