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Iran Best Barberry Picking

Barberry in Ghayen

The Ghayen village in Khorasan is famous for the barberry trees garden, it is located in Khorasan province, and is considered as a city of many springs. This amazing area also has attractions and historic monuments other than the beautiful springs, which is an ideal choice for traveling. Due to its location on the slopes of the Black Mountain and the presence of several small and large barberry gardens, Ghayen has become a very beautiful and memorable area, due to the nice and understanding people, and tourists are willing to use the natural benefits of this region.  As a tourist in your barberry tour to barberry farms you will see many barberry trees and how to plant a barberry shrub and picking barberry fruit.

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How to Use Barberry Fruit

There are many ways to use barberry fruits. Fresh and dried fruits of barberry, juice extract, barberry capsule, and barberry extract, tincture and topical ointment of barberry are found on the market. The dried root of Barberry can be cooked as a tea. Standard extracts of barberry usually contain 8-12% barbaric.

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Barberry Tree Irrigation

Barberry has a very good resistance to dehydration, but you have to pay attention to the amount of irrigation to get a good barberry tree. The barberry tree irrigation is different according to the type of water in each region, but irrigation is usually done every 10 days. The need for seedless barberry is similar to the trees or shrubs of the fruit.

Barberry fruit grows in Khorasan farms better because of Qanat water. The irrigation requirement for barberry is about 9900 cubic meters per hectare, the need for gross irrigation is more than this amount, depending on the irrigation methods used. In dry years, barberry farmers harvest even during the summer. If the goal is to produce abundant crops, the regular irrigation of barberry shrubs should not be neglected in the intervals after the fall of the petals up to one week before harvesting.

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Failure to supply the water needs of the plant will not be a death, and even observed that during the occurrence of unforeseen events such as the drying of wells and the impossibility of irrigating the barberry gardens have production. This resistant shrub has been able to withstand and survive in dry years.

Although barberry is a plant that is resistant to dehydration, it is better to irrigate it in every 7 to 8 days, depending on the soil texture and its irrigation conditions after planting. In the following years, barberry fruit garden is usually irrigated every 12 to 15 days. Sometimes the interval between two irrigation runs to 20 days and more, which leads to reduced productions.


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