Tehran Travel Guide 2
Tourist Attractions

Tehran Travel Guide 2

Tehran travel guide and tourist attractions:

The city of Tehran is the capital of Iran. This city has been the capital since 1778 (Qajar dynasty). Tehran with the population of more than 13 million is amongst world’s most populous metropolitan cities. People of Tehran are so friendly. There are lots of attractions in Tehran including historical palaces and museums. Here you can read about Tehran attractions.
Exploring this fascinating metropolis will transport you on a journey through more than 250 years of Iranian history – from the glittering Golestan Palace and the adjacent Grand Bazaar to the beautiful Azadi Tower. Then there are the city's many excellent museums and great gardens and palaces. In such places, as well as in contemporary cafes, traditional teahouses and on the walking trails in the mountains, you can relax and enjoy all that's good about Tehran.

Best places to eat in Tehran:

There are numerous great restaurants in Tehran. Persian foods are so delicious and diverse. Most tourists believe that “Dizi” (it’s also called “Abgoosht”) is the best Persian food. It looks like a soup that its main ingredients are lamb, chickpeas, white beans, potatoes and tomatoes. This food probably become popular because of its interesting way for serving that is mashing meat and the solids, then served with the broth. You could find the best Dizi in “Dizi Sara Restaurant” located in Iranshahr St.

Tahchin” is another super delicious Persian traditional food, you can find the best ones in Moslem restaurant near to Tehran Grand Bazaar, unfortunately this restaurant is usually crowded. Two other great restaurants where you could have delicious traditional foods plus good services are “Alborz”, “Nayeb” and “Divan” restaurants. In Tehran, you could even try the local foods of other cities like “Gilaneh” and “Gilac” restaurants which serve the local foods of Northern Iran.

Best places for shopping in Tehran:

In the city of Tehran, you can shop in traditional markets in one hand and shopping malls in another hand. Tehran Grand bazaar is a traditional bazaar that is historically important since it dates back to Safavid dynasty. It is a really active shopping center yet that you can find a variety of items there.
Tajrish market is a really interesting local market specially its section of fruits and vegetables. It is really interesting because of its lively atmosphere. You can go there on the way of visiting many attractions which are located in north of Tehran. There is also a Friday market in “Parvaneh Passage” (on Jomhouri Avenue), it’s actually a flea market that’s held on Fridays where you can find antique, traditional handicrafts and almost everything!
There are also many modern shopping malls in Tehran. Palladium, Kourosh, Elahieh, Arg and Megamall are some of them. Going to these kinds of malls is a recreational activity for Iran’s younger generation these days.
“Valiasr Street” is the main shopping street in Tehran. Many stores, shopping centers and restaurants are located alongside this street. “Valiasr Street” is the longest street in the Middle East, from south to north of Tehran, it’s also a sentimental street for people of Tehran with its lovely nearly 100-year-old plane trees.

Best hotels in Tehran:

Espinas Palace Hotel

It is located in Sa’adat Abad neighborhood with a high-rise building. Its rooms and suits have floor-to-ceiling windows with mountain views. Breakfast and parking are free. There are also an international restaurant and a café. Its website is: http://palace.espinashotels.com/en

Espinas Hotel

It’s in a tower located near to Vali Asr Sq. breakfast, parking and wi-fi are complimentary. There is also a Mediterranean restaurant, a cafe, a fitness center and an indoor pool. The website is: http://persiangulf.espinashotels.com/en

Parsian Azadi Hotel

It is a high-rise building, 7 km away from “Milad Tower”. Some rooms have panoramic city views. It consists of four restaurants and coffee shops. There are also a health club and an indoor pool. Its website: http://persiangulf.espinashotels.com/en

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

It is a hotel Opened in 1962 as the Royal Tehran Hilton on Chamran Hwy. The website is: http://esteghlalhotel.com

Parsian Enghelab Hotel

This hotel is in a commercial district with lots of shops and 4 km from Golestan Palace. Breakfast is complimentary. There is also a 24/7 buffet eatery and a revolving rooftop restaurant, as well as two cafes. It also includes an outdoor pool and a sauna. Its website is: http://enghelab.pih.ir

Homa Hotel

This hotel located in Kordestan Expy, is near to Mellat Park and 9 km from Milar Tower. Breakfast and internet access are free. Some rooms offer garden views. This hotel includes 24/7 restaurant with a terrace. It has also indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, a gym plus a tennis court and a garden. Its website: http://www.homahotels.com

Tehran Grand Hotel

Tehran Grand Hotel set in the city center, 1 km from the Saei Park and 6 km from the National Museum of Iran. There’s an airy restaurant and a 24/7 coffee shop. It also includes beauty salon, saunas and an indoor pool, massages are on offer too.
The website is: http://www.tehrangrandhotel.com

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

This is located at Imam Khomeini Sq., It is 8 minutes’ walk from the Jewelry Museum and 1 km from Golestan Palace. An airport shuttle is free. Its restaurants include traditional Persian, French and Roman-themed. There’s also a coffee shop and an indoor pool, a sauna, a gym and massage services. Its website is: http://www.ferdowsihotel.com/en

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