Escan Hotel (Forsat st.)
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Escan Hotel (Forsat st.)

Escan (Eskan) Hotel is a three-star hotel located near to Enghelab Street of Tehran. There are a restaurant and a café at this hotel. Feel free to try tasty food and drinks in the hotel's restaurant and café.

The 3-star Escan Hotel is located in the center of beautiful Tehran and near Ferdowsi and Darvazeh Dowlat metro stations. While you are experiencing your stay in Escan Hotel, you can use the opportunity to visit some of the most symbolic tourist attraction icons of Tehran, like Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace, National Jewelry Museum and so many other attractions.

Escan Hotel is located in the city center. So, it gives you great different options to visit and sightsee the capital of Iran. You can simply take a walk among streets and feel the soul of Persian lifestyle.
You can enjoy free Wi-Fi in all 42 hotel rooms and suites and watch TV in LCD screens with a variety of movies and TV channels.

Address: No. 29, Mousavi (Forsat) st, Between Somayeh & Enghelab Ave, Tehran

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