41st ICOFOM Annual Symposium, Tehran, Iran, October 2018
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41st ICOFOM Annual Symposium, Tehran, Iran, October 2018

ICOFOM (International Committee for Museology) was founded 41 years ago for promoting research and theoretical thinking about the museum field and analyzing main trends of museology. This committee includes lots of museologists from all over the world. Presently there are about 700 members in this committee. Most of them are form European and Latin American countries.

Every year, ECOFOM organizes meetings for exchanging among professionals. It’s our great pleasure to inform you that 41st ICOFOM annual symposium will be held in our country, Iran, 15-19 October, 2018 on the theme “Museology and the sacred”. It is an exceptional opportunity for history lovers, since Iran has a really rich history and culture and there are also many precious museums in this country.

Fotros Travel Agency is going to be in charge of organizing and performing this symposium. For registration and more information, click here please. We offer these services for your convenience during the event:
- Accommodation
- Transfers
- English, French, Spanish guide
- Food and beverage
- Insurance
- Symposium badge
- ICOFOM certificate

The 40th annual symposium of ICOFOM were held on September 2017 in Havana, Cuba


In addition to the events related to this symposium like many speeches and workshops, you will visit museums such as National Museum of Iran, Glassware Museum, Zoroastrian temple, Armenian Museum and Synagogue.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]
            [email protected]
WhatsApp: +98 912 923 10 85-7
Official ICOFOM Website: www.network.icom.museum/icofom

Goals and Objectives of ICOFOM Committee:


- Strengthening ICOFOM’s global impact

- Advocating the value of heritage

- Championing high standards in museums


- To expand ICOFOM’s culturally and geographically diverse membership

- To explore ways to encourage the participation of young people and underrepresented nations

-  To continue our programme of meetings, publications and communication

- To increase access to our meetings, publications and reports through the ICOFOM website and by other available and practical means

- To position the ICOFOM website as the hub of information about museology and museological activities around the world.

- To endeavour to increase access to more of our output through translation beyond the three official languages (English, French, Spanish)

- To expand our use of electronic media

- To champion diversity by providing more opportunities for those who cannot get to our meetings

- To engage more museologists by broadening our research and meeting topics and our locations

- To encourage the dissemination of museology and related subjects through courses and to involve our members in mentoring such endeavours when appropriate     

- To promote exchanges among experts from ICOFOM and its two major Sub-Committees, ICOFOM LAM (Latin America and the Caribbean) and ICOFOM SIB & SAP (Siberia & South-East Asia and the Pacific)

- To foster joint work with universities and other institutions of higher learning and with training centres

- To explore collaborative ventures with other International Committees and Affiliated Organizations

- To support the expanded work of ICOFOM LAM and ICOFOM SIB & SAP

- To continue to support ongoing projects, committees and working groups:

.. ARGROUP (the Argentine Research Group)

.. Dictionary of Museology (formerly, Thesaurus Project)

.. ICOFOM Rules of Procedure working group

.. Publications and Publication Policy working group

.. Evaluation/Editorial committee

- To promote the booklet, Key Concepts of Museology (now available on the ICOM website)

-To advance our latest publication, What is a Museum? published by Müller-Straten, Munich, 2011

- To operate in a more efficient manner through a system of committees

- To endeavour to raise funds from non-traditional sources, to work frugally, and to concentrate where necessary on procuring gifts-in-kind, in order to undertake our programmes and to realize our goals

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