Is Iran Safe
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Is Iran Safe

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

The western media always create a dark picture of Iran and the safety inside it. Spreading wrong information about Iran may make those who love to travel to Iran and discover it a little hesitant and anxious. Having the correct information can help you to prepare yourself for your Iran travel with more peace of mind.


War in Iran

Although in some border countries around Iran the situation is not safe and people and government are fighting enemies in their land, Iran is highly safe from any civil or imposed war. Iran is generally a very safe place to travel. If you just read some comments and travel diaries people leave in “TripAdvisor” or “LonelyPlanet” who mostly describe Iran as super and completely safe. Iranian people live and work peacefully in different cities and welcome tourists warmly. However, like anywhere else in the world, the small or big crimes exist in Iran. You may hear about pocket picking, reckless driving, car or bank theft and any other similar crime, but it doesn’t make Iran an unsafe destination to travel. Even when you are traveling throughout Europe, you need to be highly careful about your money, passport and your luggage and same shall be followed in your Iran trip.


US, British and Canadian citizens

There is an idea for many foreigners that the citizens from USA, Canada and Britain cannot get Iran visa, but this is totally wrong. The only difference is that because of the political relationships, the visa process for these nationalities takes longer than normal comparing to other nationalities like European, Africans, and Asian etc. Also, if you are an American, Canadian or British traveler wishing to explore Iran, you can only get a tourist visa and a licensed tourist guide shall accompany you during your Iran trip.

You can have more info regarding Iran visa on our Iran Visa Info.


Rules and Ethics

It’s always recommended to read about rules and ethics of a country before heading there. Following these rules and codes help you not have a worry to be stopped or arrested by police and even people accept you better as they see you are respecting their rules and culture. For example, the speed limit in Iran freeways is 110-120 Km/h and in city highways is 70-80 Km/h. Also, you can know about dress code in Iran Here  and you will see how people will love and welcome you even more.


Here is a short comment of Mr. Stan Pengelly, one of our American tourists who returned to Iran in 2017 after an almost 40-year gap and left us with a bunch of good memories…

Being an American and considering the history of Iran-US relationships since 1979 and considering the words from President Donald Trump, apprehensive of my trip to Iran.  My actual experience was overwhelming positive.  People in the street were warm and friendly.  I was asked many times where I was from and when I replied the USA I received smiles and a welcome. I would love to return and do it all over again.



Mr. Hans from South Africa also left Iran with good memories and wish to come back to Iran one day...

I found Iran a truly fascinating country – its quanat system of irrigation is an ingenius feat of engineering while the various gardens we saw are exquisitely laid out and very functional – they certainly create the atmosphere for which they were designed. While the exterior of buildings are rather bland the inside courtyards certainly make up for this. 
Fruit trees, flowers and streams on a grid system certainly create a very calming and cooling effect.
The colours and vibrancy of the tile work I experienced was really stunning – I found both the fully tiled mosque and those that are totally simple with adobe decorations really a pleasure to behold. The use of colour, fabric, water and fruit were highlights.
Never did I feel threatened or in danger – a joy to experience. One of the best exports of Iran is truly the friendliness of its people. They were also willing to advise, assist and go the extra mile.
I look forward to coming back and seeing more weaving, carpets and cooking which are of special interest.




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