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Iran Tours for Canadians

Canadian citizens may find Iran a far land and impossible to travel due to the wrong image western media and government show them and the difficulty of visa process. Canadians can simply visit Iran with some paperwork and patience to obtain an Iran visa which definitely worth it. Iran is one of the most rewarding tourism destinations in the Middle East.

To get Iran visa, Canadian passport holders need to book a pre-planned guided tour from a travel agency like Fotros. Some Canadians prefer to explore Iran on a five-star tour with all services included to have a full peace of mind while traveling around Iran, and some other look for more budget and exploratory ones. An Iran tour duration for Canadian citizens varies from 7 days to 20 days and more.
If you are a Canadian citizen, once you confirm your tour plan, the travel agency will submit your visa information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to get you approved for the visa. This process usually takes around 2 to 3 months. When your authorization code is issued, you should stake your passport and this number to the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan Embassy, Washington, D.C. Anyway, you don’t need to do it in person as Interests Section provides this chance for you through post services. For more info regarding Iran visa read Iran Vise Info

With around 10-year experience in tourism industry and handing many American, British and Canadian groups, Fotros Travel Agency will help you with the process of obtaining visa, tour arrangements, booking hotels etc. and provides what all you need to have a lifelong experience. 

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