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Iran Student Tours

Young generations always search for new destination to know more people and make new friends. Travelling in a group of students and with classmates has always been a memorable experience in our school time. Travelling, eating, exploring and fooling around all the way in a group tour and with people of your age can add to the charm of any trip. At Fotros Travel Agency, we offer affordable and budget student tours to explore beautiful Iran which is a country full of opportunities for learning about different things; Iran history, Persian and Islamic architecture and art, natural beauties, Persian cuisine and so many more.
We have a close cooperation with different associations and medical societies in Iran:
•    University of Tehran
•    Meraat Educational Innovations Center
•    Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
•    The Iranian society of ophthalmology
•    Iran urology association
•    The Iranian society of Radiology

And we are able to plan exclusive tours include the following programs:
•    Tours based on International conference/congress programs 
•    Visiting Iranian universities and meet university boards
•    University of Tehran, the faculty of world studies 
•    University of Religions and Denominations, Qom
•    Al-Mustafa International University, Qom
•    Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin
•    Visiting Cultural Centers and Art Galleries
•    Visiting local Iranian Journals
•    Touring the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting 
•    Visiting Iranian factories related to your job such as Iran Khodro or Saipa Iran, two main Iranian automakers. 
•   Visiting Iranian dams such as Dez Dam on the Dez River and Karun Dam on the Karun River in the province of Khuzestan.
With all these, we plan different tours, budget and luxury, for doctors, students, teachers and so on in Iran.

If you are a group of students or a compassionate teacher/professor, we are here to plan a tour which meet your specific educational objectives. We can provide customized and tailor-made tours and include the destinations and cities according to your educational purposes. Our enthusiastic team is truly eager to organize safe, exciting and reasonably priced educational trips for students from all over the world.
Fotros Travel Agency has 10 years of experience in conducting different types of tours in Iran accompanied by knowledgeable tourist guides. We choose your accommodation based on your budget. 
Contact us and start a peerless adventure in Iran.

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