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Mr. Saeed Zali

CEO Email:

Incoming Team

Fotros Incoming Team is responsible for Iran Tours. You can contact our team in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese languages.

Mr. Hossein Zali

Incoming Department Manager
Ex: 204 Incoming Department Manager

Mr. Barzegar

Marketing & Digital Manager
Ex: 503 MA in English Literature & Tour Guide In Love with Travel

Ms. Pakseresht

Operation Manager
Ex: 506 Incoming Tour

Ms. Nasiri

Operation Manager
Ex: 505 Incoming Tour

Ms. Masror

French Language
Ex: 108 Incoming Tour

Ms. Amiri

Russian Language
Ex: 701 Incoming Tour

Ms. MehrabBeigi

Chinese Language
Ex: 509 Incoming Tour

Ms. Tahmasebi

Italian Language
Ms. Tahmasebi Incoming Tour

Ms. Saeidi

Hindi /English /Urdu
Ms. Saeidi Incoming Tour

Ms. Talebi

Spanish Language
Ms. Talebi Incoming Tour

Administration Office


Ms. Mardookhi

Administration Office

Outbound Team

Fotros Outbound Team focuses on International flight and hotel reservation for European, Asian and Middle Eastern tour packages and International exhibitions.

Ms. Sotoodeh

Travel Consultant
Ex: 402 Travel Consultant

Ms. Ehsani

Travel Consultant
Ex: 401 Travel Consultant

Ms. Gharib

Hotel Reservation
Ex: 406 Hotel Reservation

Flight Team

Fotros Flight Team is responsible for Flights.

Mr. Reyhanian

Domestic Flight

Ms. Mousavi

International Flight

Ms. Fahimi

International Flight

Ms. Alavi

International Flight

Ms. Habibzadeh

International Flight

Accounting Team


Mr. Lavasani


Mr. Safarkhah


Ms. Mohammadi


Website Team

Our Website Team concentrates on optimizing and developing website in multi languages.

Ms. Hamidi

Graphic Designer
Ex: 504 Graphic Designer

Mr. Safarpoor

Web Developer
Ex: 508 Web Developer