Tehran, Savadkuh Train Tour

Explore and discover new places right outside your window with Iran Train Tour. Tehran- Savadkuh railroad trip takes you across the flatlands, hills, mountains, and jungles to explore new beauty in Iran. Tehran- Savadkuh Train Tour allows you to admire the landscape stress-free and gain knowledge of Iran Railway History and its vital role in winning the World War II. 


After a warm welcome, at Tehran railway station, by our guides, you will board to set off to an exciting tour at 7:15 A.M. Our guide will give you a general overview of your trip. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast including cheese, butter, honey with hot tea and coffee on the train. After passing the countryside in Varamin, the train stops at Bon-e kuh Station, an exemplary of early industry railway supply station, for 45 minutes. A time is given for a leisure walk and photography. As the train slips past rolling hills of Kabutardarreh, Simin Dasht, Zarrindasht, attend a talk by our expert, or simply watch remote and ever-changing countryside pass by. We step out off the train at Deh Shourab to view the marriage of nature and industry and gain knowledge of ups and downs of Iran railway in 1910s. In a small local bazaar, organic foods and ethnic snacks are available to buy and taste. Throughout the day the train will wind around sharp mountain curves and go through numerous tunnels. The tour reaches its climax at Three Golden Lines spiral and the famous Veresk Bridge, aka “Victory Bridge” which plays a major role in defeating The Axis Powers in World War II. We stop to visit the bridge at close range and its spectacular views. After getting back, enjoy a sumptuous, full-course lunch on the train. It resumes its journey to Doab Train Station. Enjoy the elegant atmosphere of the train as you soak up magnificent vistas of high mountain. On the way back to Tehran, the train stops for the last time at Simin Dasht to have afternoon refreshments. You will get to Tehran at 23 P.M.

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Iran Railway Tour

Duriation : Days 1 / Nights 0

City: Tehran- Savadkuh - Veresk

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