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The 41st International Symposium of ICOFOM

Tehran, IRAN

15- 19 October 2018

Iran National museum is located on 30 Tir Street, in south-west of Mashq historical Square in Tehran which is constructed By Andre Godard the French architecture who was the chancellor/chairman of the Iran Archaeology Institute in 1937.
National (or Archaeological) Museum of Iran is also called Muze-ye -Iran- e- Bastan (Museum of Ancient Iran), is designed and constructed is based on the plan of Ivan Madaen loggia, the capital of Sassanid era. This edifice is one quarter of Ivan Madaen.
National archaeological museum of Iran is the results of Archaeological Studies , either by Foreign or Iranian Committees, could be found or is considered as one of the few archaeological museums in its origin.
The Construction located next to Muze-ye -Iran- e- Bastan belonged to Anthropology museum with a Change of Use Premises and Property; altered to Islamic Era Museum in 1987.
The Artifacts, Archaeological Objects and the items belonging to Iran Story of Art in Islamic Era in Iran Ancient Museum are one of the amazing collections of Islamic art that could be ever found in the world.


Symposium Program

Day 1 Monday - National Museum of Islamic Art (Opening of symposium)
8h-9h30 Registration
9h30-10h30 Official opening
(list to be completed)
ICOM Iran President
ICOFOM President
10h30-11h30: Keynote speech
11h30-12h30: Keynote speech
12h30-13h30: Lunch
13h30-14h15: Keynote speech
14h15-15h00: Keynote speech
15h-15h30: coffee break
15h30-16h15: Keynote speech
16h15-17h00: Keynote speech
17h00-19h00: Visit of the National Museum of Islamic Art 19h30: Reception
Day 2 Tuesday - National Museum of Islamic Art and Institute
9h – 9h3:0 Plenary Session: introduction to the workshops
9h30 – 12h30: Workshops (coffee break at 11h) (4 workshops) 12h30 – 13h30: Lunch
14h – 18h Departure from Lunch and visit of the Armenian Museum, Synagogue, Zoroastrian temple and Malek Museum
Day 3 Wednesday - October 17th
9h30 – 12h30 Workshops (coffee break at 11h) (4 workshops)
12h30 – 13h30 Lunch
14h – 18h Visit of the Science Museum and the Glass Museum
Day 4 Thursday - October 18th
9h – 12h30 Joint plenary session with ICTOP:
12h30 – 13h30 Lunch
13h30 – 15h Departure from lunch and Visit of the Peace Museum
15h-Departure with bus and visit of the Holy defense Museum
Day 5 Friday - October 19th (Closing day of symposium)
9h – 12h30: Visit of the National Museum of Archeology
12h30 – 13h30: Lunch
14 – 17h: Plenary session at the National Museum of Islamic Art, conclusions of the symposium,
17h-18h30 ICOFOM General Assembly and closing of the Symposium 19h: Farewell Party
Board meetings (for board members only)


Categories 1 Countries Categories 2 & 3 Countries Categories 4 Countries
Member None-Member Member None-Member Member None-Member
300 € 350 € 250 € 300 € 230 € 280 €
100 €
Member None-Member
15,000,000 IRR 18,000,000 IRR


Everyone that will attend the symposium must pay a registration fee to the account of “FOTROS Tour & Travel Agency”, the local organizer.
If you are a student, send a copy of your student card to

Payment Details for Foreigners (Will be announced shortly) Payment Details for Iranians (Will be announced shortly)
Bank Name:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Bank Address:
Organization Address:
Bank Name:
Account Number:
Card Number:
Account’s owner:

Online Link for Registration form

The registration fee includes:

1. Symposium badge
2. Lunch (October 15th to 19th)
3. Icofom Certificate
4. Bottled water, tea and coffee, traditional Iranian drinks, cakes and snacks
5. Gift package from FOTROS Co.
6. Farewell gathering
7. Insurance


FOTROS Travel Agency offers a number of hotels (4, 3 and 2-star) close to the symposium area to every person that come to Tehran to participate in the symposium.
The rates for accommodation are:

Hotel Double Room (2 people) Single Room (1 person)
2-Star Hotel
Hotel Mina | Hotel Azadi | Hotel Markazi
43 € 43 €
3-Star Hotel
Hotel Mashhad – Hotel Marlik – Hotel Hali
67 € 52 €
4-Star Hotel
Hotel Howeizeh – Hotel Kowsar – Hotel Aramis
73 € 73 €

You shall confirm your hotel request with us for 6 nights (October 14-20)

< Information needed for Reservations: - Full name
- Nationality
- Passport Number
- Arrival: Date, time, airline and flight number
- Departure: Date, time, airline and flight number

More services:

During the 41st International Symposium of ICOFOM in Tehran, FOTROS can assist you with the following services:

Airport Transfers Private Car Minibus
Arrival 15 € total 34 € total
Departure 15 € total 34 € total
Personal assistance (English, French, Spanish speaking) 50 € per day

For Iran visa Info. Please click here

Importance Notes:

How to get to the symposium in National Museum of Iran in Tehran? Address: Imam Khomeini Ave., Si-e Tir Corner, National Museum of Iran. Access: You can take the subway to Imam Khomeini Station and after a 10-minute walk, you will arrive to the museum.