Yazd Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions

Yazd Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

Yazd is an ancient desert city in central Iran with a unique architecture to adapt desert conditions including mud-brick buildings and lots of windcatchers. This ancient city originally settled 5000 years ago in Sassanid era. 10% of Yazd’s people follow the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. So, there are some fire temples in Yazd that really worth visiting. Read more to know about Yazd Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions. 


Top tourist attractions in Yazd

Skilled Yazd’s architects in old times had considered desert conditions such as hot weather, limited rainfall and mostly strong winds and built the structures (mostly out of adobe) like windcatcher (Badgir) for cooling inside the buildings. You will see these architectural elements in Yazd constructions.


Historic City of Yazd 

In “historic city of yazd" area, visitors get more familiar with Yazd traditional architectural elements like wind towers, adobe roofs and mud walls, and how this city looked like in old times. The visitors feel they travel back in time. It’s so exciting to explore around and walk through its narrow lanes which form like a labyrinth. There are also some rooftop cafes there. 


Dowlatabad Garden

Dolat Abad Garden is a nice classical Persian Garden in the heart of the desert city of Yazd. It is a must-see in Yazd which was built in 1750. There is an impressive wind tower (33 m high) in this garden and when you stand at the bottom of this wind tower, you will know how it works. The water of Dolat Abad Garden is supplied with the underground aquaduct system known as The Persian Qanat .


Towers of Silence

This is an amazing Zoroastrian burial site, they had a unique tradition to expose the dead bodies to birds and didn’t bury them not to make the earth dirty since the earth is considered sacred in Zoroastrian religion. These two structures are located on hills 15 km away from Yazd, and it provides a fantastic view of the city, so this would be a good idea to visit this site in the afternoon to watch the sunset too.


Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Zoroastrian is an ancient Persian religion and there are many Zoroastrians in Yazd and this city is considered this religion’s center. Yazd fire temple is a beautiful place where Zoroastrians have practiced their religion. There are many interesting concepts in Zoroastrian, this ancient religion, that even could be applied in the contemporary lifestyle.

Near to Yazd, there is another important Zoroastrian fire temple which is called “Chak Chak” located on a mountain. Every year, thousands of Zoroastrians from all over Iran and even other countries specially India gather in this temple during 14-18 June. Visit Chak Chak on Iran Classic Tour with Fotros Travel


Jam-e Mosque of Yazd 

This is one of the most beautiful mosques located in the hearth of desert. It’s unique because of its exquisite blue tiles and two tall minarets (48 m) which are the highest ones in Iran. This mosque was constructed in the site of a Sassanid fire temple. Join our Iran culture tour to enjoy night view of it from a roof cafe. 


Water Museum 

Water has been so precious in desert cities like Yazd and water management was really important from old times. One technique for water management and one of the architectural elements that clever Yazd architects have been using was building qanats (underground aqueducts). “Water Museum” is an interesting museum that is about building qanats. This is located in a luxury historical house.


Amir Chakhmagh Complex

This historical complex includes a square, mosque, bazaar and some other parts. The architecture is beautiful specially at nights when the building is lit up attractively. This was built in 15th century by the order of Amir Chakhmaq, the governor of Yazd in the Timurid era. It’s good to mention that best confectioneries of Yazd are near to this historical site.

Best places to eat in Yazd

Yazd is well-known for its yummy sweets. Best place where you can find the best ones is “Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar” that its main shop is located in Amir Chakhmaq square. Yazdi sweets includes Baqlava, Ghottab, Louz (available in different flavors: pistachio, almond, coconut and…) and Yazdi cake.

There are also many good restaurants in Yazd where you can try traditional dishes of Yazd and Iran in good quality. Some of its best restaurants are “Termeh & Toranj”, “Moshir-ol Mamalek”, “Talaryazd” and “Malek-ol Tojjar” and also “Hammame Khan” which was a historical bath house and today it functions as a restaurant.

Yazd souvenirs & best places to buy them

In addition to Yazdi sweets, the most famous souvenirs in this city are hand-woven textiles like “Termeh” that is a textile made from silk, cotton and wool, also Yazdi handkerchief and Yazdi velvet. You can buy these handicrafts in Yazd bazaars such as Amir Chakhmagh bazaar.

Best hotels in Yazd:
Dad Hotel
Parsian Safaeiyeh Hotel
Moshir-ol Mamalek Garden Hotel
Fahadan Museum Hotel

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