The Underground City of Nooshabad
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The Underground City of Nooshabad

This city is considered as the biggest underground city in Iran which is located in the northern part of Kashan city and the western part of Ārān VA Bīdgol County in Isfahan Province. This place is a breathtaking and amazing structure which has a wonderful structure. Its antiquity goes back to 1500 years ago in the Sassanid era. It has been also stated that this city is the capital of Sassanid dynasty in the time of Anushiruwan’s reign. This underground city was discovered accidentally by a man who was digging a well in his house in 2004. Nooshabad is one of the old cities and it has its own wonderful history, but what makes this city interesting for the archeologists and tourists especially those who are interested in history and art is the underground city of Oei


As this city is located in central Desert of Iran, its weather is quite harsh and it gets pretty cold at nights. The reason this city is called Nooshabad is that in ancient times the Sassanid king who was passing through this area stopped there to drink water from a well and he found the water extremely clear and cold



The dense, complex and vast structure such as narrow corridors and rooms with small dimensions make this city well-known. The depth of this underground city has been estimated between 4 to 16 meters and also its vastness based on the sayings of the local people has been estimated 4 kilometers. This complex consists of several rooms, corridors, wells, canals in three floors. There are also some carvings on the walls of this city in which the archeologists believe that because of the hardness of the walls the tool in which they carved with must be something like a diamond


It should be also mentioned that in the time of Mongol attack this place was taken as a safe asylum for the people’s protection and it was also like a warehouse to keep the wheat and barley, so the structure of this city was made in a way to meet people’s needs in the time of their lodgment
The underground city of Oei has been entitled to one of the masterpieces of ancient Iran's architecture which has had more than 6600 visitors last year and the number of tourists increases annually

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