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Tehran Churches

Christianity has a noticeable history in Iran which dates back to the early years of pre-Islam. It has always been considered as a minor religion in comparison with the major religions (Zoroastrianism before the Islamic conquest, Sunni Islam in the Middle Ages and Shia Islam in modern times).  There are plenty churches and monasteries in different parts of Iran which are nice to be visited. (The following information is written based on the cities in Iran). There are 300 active and inactive churches in Iran and the more we get closer to the North and Northeastern part of Iran, the more the churches would be whereas in the South and Southeast of Iran there are less churches. Generally, the churches are mostly located in Isfahan, Tehran, West and East Azerbaijan.


Saint Sarkis Cathedral

This church belongs to Armenians and after its construction, The Armenian Diocese of Tehran (the organization which decides about the affairs of Armenians such as the churches, schools, Cemetery and whatever related to the social and cultural matters of Armenians), which is related to Tehran and the Northern part of Iran was moved to this place. So due to this point Saint Sarkis Cathedral is considered as Tehran’s Symbol of Christianity and is entitled as the biggest church in Tehran. Its architecture is the mixture of Medieval period and Armenian New age. The plan of this church is in basilica, related to the large and important churches, which has the shape of Cross and this can be seen inside and outside of this church. The dome, the belfry and the semi-circle apse of this church are outstanding. There is an inscription in the outer part of this church which is a monument for the genocide of Armenians. Beside this inscription there is the tomb of Ardak Manoukian, the prior Armenian Caliph in Tehran

Saint Thaddeus Church
The establishment of this church by the Armenians in Tehran goes back to the first years of Qajar dynasty in which some glaziers who were doing some works in Golestan palace decided to make this church. Saint Thaddeus Church is located in Mowlavi Street in Tehran and its architecture is similar to the Armenian Church in New Julfa, the Armenian quarter of Isfahan. The materials used to be applied to build this church were clay and bricks and the entire doors and windows are made of wood. In the courtyard of the Church the tombs of Aleksandra- the Georgian princess-, the second child of Sir Walter Scott, the English writer, as well as the special physician of Qajar court and some other graves can be seen

Saint Peters Church
The building of this church is a mixture of Iranian and European architecture. In the neighborhood there is also the first American school of Iran which was made by Samuel Martin Jordan, An American Missionary. This church is mostly for the Armenians and Koreans

Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Mary
This church has been among the most beautiful Greek church which is out pf Greece. Because many followers have been moved out of Iran there are few services which would be held

Church of Holy Georg
St. Gevorg Church is for the late Safavid era and it is named after an Armenian supreme commander who was martyred to promote Christianity. The apse of this church is located in the east side and there are two entrances with a dome including several lightwells. There are one bell tower and some tombstones on the walls in outer part of the church which show this place used to be a cemetery before being changed to the church

The Prophet Joseph Church
This church belongs to Assyrian Catholics which is built in 1950. The plan of this church is in Basilica and all its columns have tall plinth and capital. The facade of this church is adapted from the famous gate of the ancient city of Babylon

Holy Cross Church
This small church is located in a place which is the current Ararat Sport and Culture Complex and it used to be the Armenian cemetery. The plan of this church which is in the form of cross makes it interesting. As this is a small church there is only one entrance and some narrow lightwells

Tuma church
This is an Assyrian church which belongs to the second Pahlavi era made by David Oshana, a contemporary architect, automobile designer and musician

St. Vartanants Armenian church
An Armenian Apostolic church which is considered as the last Armenian or Christian Church built in Iran. This church was named after an Armenian saint whose name was Vartan and was martyred for the sake of the faith in Christ. It is noticeable that The St. Vartanants Church is the only Armenian Church which had no any particular benefactors and it was established by the ordinary people.

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