Tabriz Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions

Tabriz Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

Tabriz is a city in northwest of Iran; a modern industrialized city in Iran. It is the capital of East Azerbaijan province. This city is rich in Azeri culture and most people speak Azerbaijani Turkish there. There are many historical monuments in Tabriz. Once Tabriz used to be a major Silk Road market. Read more to know about Gilan Travel Guide & Tourist Attraction

Top tourist attractions in Tabriz

Tabriz Bazaar

Have you known that Tabriz Grand Bazaar is the largest roofed bazaar in the world? one of the most important places in Tabriz to visit is its Grand Bazaar. Once Tabriz used to be a major Silk Road market and regardless modern malls, it’s still an active and important market in this city. The bazaar was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Traditional Iranian bazaars consist of interconnected sections and each section is allocated for a specific item for example carpet, jewelry, shoes and etc.

Tabriz Bazaar

Blue (Kabud) Mosque

The Blue Mosque was built in 1465 in Kara Koyunlu dynasty. Unfortunately, this mosque was severely damaged in an earthquake in 1780.
The mosque’s walls are decorated with beautiful calligraphy, arabesque patterns and they’re covered with blue tiles.

Kaboud Mosque

 Azerbaijan Museum

Azerbaijan Museum is one of Iran’s most important museums and an archaeological museum next to the Blue Mosque, in which there are wide variety exhibits. This museum is on three floors; the first hall holds the ancient objects dates back to 500 B.C., the second hall holds Islamic era items like coins and seals and the third hall holds interesting sculptures made by A. Hosseini. This museum mostly contains objects discovered from excavations in East Azerbaijan Province and it really worth a visit.


Kandovan is located in Osku county near to Tabriz. Kandovan is an astonishing ancient village where is famous because of its rock houses that are built within the mountains. These rock houses date back to 800 years ago. Around 600 people are still living in these houses. There is a rock hotel in this place, that’s called “Laleh Hotel”.

kandovan Village

 Saint Stepanos Monastery

There are some beautiful churches in East Azerbaijan. The most famous one is Saint Stepanos Monastery, near to Jolfa city. It was built in the 9th century. It’s located in a canyon and surrounded by mountains and near to Aras river.

The St. Stephanos Cathedral

Qajar Museum (Amir Nezam House)

Qajar Museum exhibits items from Qajar period like weapons, coins, glassware and …, its building is also an attractive historical house from Qajar dynasty which belonged to “Amir Nezam”, a wealthy and important figure in that time. The building is on two floors with beautiful stained-glass windows.

Tabriz Municipality Palace (Sa’at Tower)

Sa’at tower also known as Tabriz Municipality Palace too. “Sa’at” means clock in Farsi. The clocks are at four sides of this tower. It was built in 1934. This palace has been used as Tabriz municipal central office from then to the present time.

Tabriz City Hall

Iron Age Museum

“Iron Age Museum” is actually an ancient cemetery from about 3500 years ago (“Iron Age”), it’s located near to Blue Mosque. You will visit skeletons that were buried alongside with some potteries. The way which bodies were buried shows that their religion was Mithraism.


Constitution House of Tabriz

Constitution House of Tabriz, located next to the Grand Bazaar, was used as a gathering place of constitutional revolution leaders and activists. The building is a historical house from 150 years ago (in the Qajar dynasty) in which you can see decorative and architectural elements from that time like beautiful mirrors and colored glasses and it has a beautiful yard too. There are also old documents and photos there. Before visiting this place, it’s better to read about Iran Constitutional Revolution (1905-1911).

Tabriz Jame Mosque

Tabriz Jame Mosque is the most important mosque in East Azerbaijan Province which dates back to Seljuk dynasty. This Historical place is located next to the Tabriz Grand Bazaar and The Constitution House. One interesting point about Tabriz Jame Mosque is its beautiful brick works.

Colorful mountains (Aladaglar mountains)

One of Iran most amazing natural attractions, located 25 km away from Tabris, is Aladaqlar mountains which are colorful mountains (actually hills) in red, yellow, white and orange. These colorful mountains and the wonderful scenery are more like a painting, but that’s a lesser-known spot of beautiful Iran nature.

El Goli (Shahgoli) Park

El- Goli is a beautiful large park. There is an artificial lake and a building in the middle of this lake which was used as the royal summer palace in the Qajar dynasty.

El Goli

What & Where to eat in Tabriz

The famous and delicious local food in the city of Tabriz is “Kufteh Tabrizi” that’s a large stuffed meatball, the main ingredients are meat, rice and herbs. Another local food is “Khoresh-e Havij” which literally means carrot stew. The most well-known restaurants in Tabriz are “Berkeh”, “Jalali” and “Haj Ali”. In this city, you could also try super delicious sweets, namely Tabriz Baklava and Qurabiya that you can buy from “Rex Confectionery”.

Koofteh Tabrizi

What & Where to buy in Tabriz

Two principal products that a visitor could buy in Tabriz are precious carpets and dried nuts. The fine carpets of Tabriz are famous all over Iran and even world. Leather shoes and bags and also different types of sweets which are made in Tabriz are also so popular.

Tabriz Carpet

Best hotels in Tabriz:

1- Pars El-Goli Hotel
2- Shahryar Hotel
3- Kaya Laleh Park Hotel
4- Tabriz International Hotel


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