Mazandaran Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions

Mazandaran Tourist Attractions

Mazandaran Tourist Attractions


A green province being famous for attracting not only local tourists but also foreign ones. Being surrounded by the Caspian Sea, jungle, and mountain which create wonderful climate. Its crucial cities are entitled Sari, Babol, Amol, Ghaem Shahr, and Tonekabon. Mazandaranians speak Farsi with special dialect but the origin of their language refers to Tabari or Mazani.

Choort Lake:

The initial name of Choort Lake is Miansheh, but is called Choort after the name of the village. The foggy weather around the lake, the trees that are rooted in the bottom it, the sounds of animals and birds which echo in the silence of the forest seem to be from Choort lake, a place where is far from the dry and hot weather of Iran deserts.


Alandan Lake:

What is interesting about this lake is accommodation of ducks which creates a spectacular view especially in the winter. It is possible to find medlars around the lake in the autumn, and in the spring, violets, wild onion springs, and medical herbs grow around it.


Oben Waterfall:

One of the most completely intact moss waterfall in Iran. Being nourished from the springs around and pour to the Shirinood River.


Dalkhani Forest:

Also known as Heaven Way, with good weather and the smell of moisture, provide the opportunity for tourist to go camping.



Due to its 2,700-meter-high altitudes, entitled to be the land of clouds and the roof of Mazandaran. In order to escape the hot weather in spring and summer, this is the best place. “Fil” in the Mazandarani dialect means fatigue, and “Band “also means something that cannot be reached, and it is because of the high altitude and the wiggly path of this village.



Ramsar is one of the dreamiest cities in the northern part of Iran, located in the western part of Mazandaran province which is full of beautiful and unique attractions. Traveling to this city and make sure to visit Javaher village, Markooh castle, Ramsar Cable Car, Ramsar Marble Palace, Safarood Forest Park, Grasmasar Summer Resort, Sadat Mahalleh, Luca Cave and Mijran Dam.






Calcareous Waterfalls and Lefour Forests:

At the beginning of the trip, you will enter the beautiful area, called Shirkooh. After crossing this area, you arrive in Savadkouh Forest. In fact, by getting in the Savadkooh and the Lefour Forest, a registered zone on the World Heritage List, where you will be able to watch beautiful Calcareous Waterfalls.


Badab Sourt Springs:

Badab Sourt is the name of a stepping spring at an altitude of 1841 meters above sea level, considered to be a unique phenomenon in Iran and it is rare to be found in the world. A thousand years spring, with many floors, each with a different color and scent, demonstrate a wonderful perspective.


Miankaleh Peninsula:

Iran birds’ paradise, rare birds from all around the world can be seen in this area. One of the 12 international biosphere supplies in Iran. Miankale is a wildlife shelter, considered one of the most important and valuable natural habitats for different kinds of birds.


Sisangan Beach:

On the one hand, the beautiful Caspian Sea, and on the other hand, the green forests of Hirkani and Alborz Mountains not only make the north part of Iran so attractive but also provides a great opportunity for tourists and travelers to experience life in nature.


These are just some natural attractions in Mazandaran and still, a lot are not mentioned.


Written by: Najmeh Haghi


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