Lahijan top attractions
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Lahijan top attractions

 Lahijan: Gilan Bride

Lahijan is a top destination in Iran. This green city is near the Caspian Sea and is the best place for spending holidays. Let's read more about this wonderful city.





Lahijan is a plain land located in the south of the Caspian Sea at the foothills of the Alborz mountain range. It is one of the largest cities in the Gilan province with a unique natural and geographical location and tourist attractions. This region is one of the Gilaki towns of Iran and its people speak Gilaki language. Lahijan is best known for tea and silk, as it holds the first place in tea cultivation in Iran and has been one of the major centers of silk production in the past. The word Lahijan also means the city of silk.


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Lahijan is one of the oldest cities in Gilan. The origin of the city dates back to the Parthians, which was named as “Dar Alaman” or “Dar Alamarah”. Lahijan is a combination of old and modern days, and its neighborhoods are reminiscent of the ruling days of Bieh Pisheh rulers. The neighborhoods of this city are named as people’s profession, geographical location or nearness to the holy shrines.


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Spectacular places:

Lahijan is a green and verdant plain with a Mediterranean climate. The city is so beautiful that it has become known as the bride of Gilan. Sheitan Kuh waterfall, Sustan lagoon, Shah Neshin mountain, Be’sat park, MirSafa forest park, Lahijan pool, cable car, Kheshti bridge, Chi Chi Ni Kuti village, Golshan old bath, Amir Abad beach, Amir Kelaye international lagoon, Akbari mosque and Sheikh Zahid Gilani tomb are some of the most beautiful places of the region.


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Best times to visit:

Lahijan has a hot and humid climate in summers and the city has snow at winters. Therefore, the best time to travel to Lahijan is spring (from March until May) and fall (from September to November) with a mild climate. 


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The fragrant and classical Iranian tea, traditional cookies, high quality white rice, delightful jams (raspberry, orange blossoms, citron), pickled garlic, delicious pastes (pomegranate, grape, tomato), local hot breads, freshly caught fish, salted and kipper fish, bamboo weaving, mat weaving and woodworks are among the souvenirs of the region.


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Lahijan dishes are Gilani type. Gilanis have about 170 dishes that are among the most colorful lists in Iranian menu. Baghlaqatogh, Mirza Ghasemi, Torsh Tare and Sir Ghaliyeh are some examples of these delicious dishes. People of Lahijan also eat too much fish. 


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