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Kurdistan Cuisines

Kurdistan Cuisines are so delicious you might eat your fingers! Kurdistan is one of the most beautiful provinces of Iran, located on the slopes and plains of the Zagros Mountains. The mountain range and slopes make this Kurdistan one of the most spectacular places in Iran. This spectacular province; along with its springs, rivers, lakes, caves, and waterfalls has another tourism attraction which hardly ever has been covered. The cuisines of Kurdistan as one of the historical provinces of Iran are mostly prepared by fresh ingredients and herbs are among delicious cuisines. In the following article we are going to review some traditional cuisines of Kurdistan, you can try these delicious cuisines while traveling to this province, and make your journey more memorable with these different flavors.


Shelkineh is one of the local bread of Kurdistan. It is one of the well-known souvenirs of Kurdistan and people from other parts of Iran come to try it or take it for their families and friends. This delicious bread is usually backed on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as saj. The saj looks like a pan on the opposite side and is placed on the fire to cook bread over it. To make this bread, ingredients such as flour, milk, egg yolk, local oil, grape syrup, and saffron are used. This thin coat becomes golden after cooking, and most Kurdish families make it at parties.

Kurdistan Cuisines


Barsagh is one of the local and traditional Kurdistan bread, which is also consumed in the provinces of Kermanshah, Lorestan, and Ilam. To prepare this delicious flour, mix milk and beverage powder to make a smooth paste. Then place it in a warm and dry environment for several hours to make the dough rise faster. Then take it as much as desired, bring it in the form of small round bread, fill it will sugar and cinnamon and fry it in oil. Bread is specially prepared in the month of Ramadan and is made as iftar, and it is very tasty.

Barsagh kurdistan food


Kelane looks like pizza so if you're a fast food lover, you'll love this food! To prepare this delicious bread, first, you need to make a smooth and thin dough. Now fill half of the dough with vegetables such as chopped scallions and turn the dough back onto the other side. This paste is placed on the saj for cooking.

Kurdistan Cuisines  Kalneh


Qayermeh is actually a fried acanthus and if you are taking this cuisine for the first time you may think that this is not one of the local cuisines of Kurdistan, because it looks like a foreign cuisine! This meal is made with acanthus, but because since it’s a seasonal plant and it's difficult to find in other months of the year, so in other months, celery is used to make this meal. Of course, this meal is eaten with bread and rice to become a perfect meal. To make Qayermeh after peeling and chopping acanthus (or celery) they are dipped into a sauce which has a concentration like a yogurt and then fry. This sauce is made with egg, water, saffron, butter, and flour.

Kurdistan Cuisines Fotros Travel

Lentil Ash

The Ash of the Kurdistan, especially sour lentil is one of the traditional cuisines of Kurdistan. The man ingredients of this Ash are potatoes, lentils, bulgur wheat, and spice. It is decorated with fried onion, mint and fresh lemon.

Ash Iran Kurdistan

Doughwa Ash

When you see this Ash you may think it’s the same as Ash-e doogh, also known as (yogurt soup) but inside Doughwa Ash there is small fried meatballs. The main ingredients of Doughwa Ash are rice, bulgur, dried vegetables, and previously cooked chickpeas.

Kurdistan Cuisines Fotros Travel Aush Doughwa

Nettles Ash

Another traditional Ash of Kurdistan is Nettles Ash, in which wheat and barley are cooked in dough, and other herbal plants such as Pennyroyal and Ziziphora are used to make this Ash delicious.

Nettles Ash


Rheum stew

Rheum stew is one of the famous cuisines, which is cooked in Kurdistan, during the spring season. In order to make this stew meat and onion are fried then Rheum is chopped and fried separately. After that, seasonings such as dried mint, pepper salt are added with a glass of water. Rheum stew is sour enough, therefore, no lemon juice is added.

Kurdistan Cuisines Fotros Travel

Kebab Fish

In Kurdistan, along the Zarivar Lake, 2 km away from Marivan, there are restaurants that grill the fresh fish. Here, fish are hunted from the lake and after seasoning are grilled on fire.

Ron Reshteh

Another traditional cuisine of Kurdistan is Ron Reshteh. To make this dish, first Reshteh (noodles) are fried then are cooked in doogh (yogurt soup).

Traditional Cuisine of Kurdistan, Sawar

The main ingredient of Kurdistan cuisine is wheat, and it is either cooked by the use of dried wheat or flour and is fried in butter.

Kurdistan Cuisines Savar

Traditional Cuisine of Kurdistan, Sweets

Although sweets are made in most of the cities of Iran, in Kurdistan, there are great and delicious sweets that we suggest if you cross the province to try it.

Burned almond is one of the sweets, known as a souvenir of Kurdistan. The way it is made is to mix almonds and sugar in a bowl and pour 4 tablespoons of water in it and put the dish on the fire to make golden sugar, and then pour the almonds and sugar onto the sieve to cool down and then separate almonds. Once again, the sugar is poured into a container to become caramel. Then almonds and caramels are mixed on a copper tray. Meanwhile, to make this pastry, honey can be used instead of sugar.

Another traditional sweet which is known as the souvenir of Sanandaj and Kurdistan is Gazangabin. Because the Angabin is nectar from the insect, which can be found in the mountains and plains of Kurdistan on a tree called the Angabin. They add sesame oil to the Angabin and then cut it off to make sesame cookies. The shape of the pastry is neatly packed with sesame seeds, which is very tasty and delicious.


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