Izad Khast, Hidden Gem in Shiraz
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Izad Khast, Hidden Gem in Shiraz

Izad Khast is an extraordinary tourist spot in Shiraz. Izad Khast is a hidden gem of Shiraz you should not miss!   


Izad Khast Castle

The Izadkhast castle is one of the most impenetrable castles from Ancient Iran. It is impenetrable because the castle leads to an abyss in three sides and entering it is only possible from one side. The castle is built upon a sedimentary cliff, with an approximately little space, so that in order to be able to accommodate more people, the constructors had had to design most of the houses in two or three floors.

Izad Khast, Shiraz

In front of the Izadkhast Castle’s only gate and drawbridge, which are on its south side, a moat has been built to keep the invaders and marauders from reaching the residents and their property. This is a magnificent castle, that due to the shape of the cliff beneath it, resembles a giant battleship. But the beauties of Izadkhast are not just limited to its castle. There are many other monuments from the Sasanian period, plus two important Safavid buildings near the castle. Near the Castle, there is also the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, and the Safavi Bridge, which crosses the Izadkhast river.

Izad Khast Castle


Shah Abbasi Caravanserai

As the name suggests, This Caravanserai was built in the Safavid period. The Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, in the historical city of Izadkhast, has a foundation of 4000 meters, and was built elaborately by the most famous masters and architects of the Safavid period. One of the finest ornamentations used in the building, is the beautiful epigraphy on top of the main entrance, which has been written in white thuluth letters on an azure background. All around the Caravanserai’s rectangular yard are valuable gravestones, each representing the art of lithography in Iran.

Izadkhast  Caravanserai

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