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The cuisine of each country is an important factor for introducing its culture. Iranians are really friendly people who frequently get together and drinking tea plays an important role in their gatherings. Tea usually is served along with sweets. If you are going to travel to Iran, don’t miss drinking a cup of tea next to traditional Iranian sweets. Iranians also tend to serve sweets on their celebrations and ceremonies. It’s an important part of Iranian food culture. The most common ingredients and flavors in traditional Iranian sweets are rosewater, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom and they’re typically filled with nuts. Iranian cuisine has great diversity and in every city, new tastes can be discovered and enjoyed.

Any travelers to Yazd must try its sweets because this city is well-known for its delicious sweets including Baklava, Qottab, Louz (available in different flavors: pistachio, almond, coconut and…), cotton candy and Yazd-i cake. Best place where you can find the best ones is “Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar” that its main shop is located in Amir Chakhmaq square.
* (Different types of baklava are made in different cities of Iran, in cities like Yazd, Tabriz, Ardabil and Qazvin, there are especial kinds of Baklava).

Visiting Isfahan isn’t complete without trying “Gaz” which is the Persian version of Nougat, this white sweet is made with the sap of a plant called Angabin (native to Isfahan Province) combined with rosewater, egg whites and pistachios or almonds. Gaz can be packaged in individual wrappers or dredged in flour to create Gaz-e Ardi.

In Qazvin, you could try and enjoy its delicious traditional sweets, one of its famous sweets is yummy Baklava. You can buy the best traditional sweets of Qazvin from Parastoo Confectionery or you can go to the Negarossaltaneh Café and try them.

Cookies from two cities of Fuman and Lahijan (in Gilan Province) are popular yummy cookies stuffed with different flavors such as crushed walnuts, cinnamon and sugar.

In Tabriz, you could also try popular and super delicious different types of sweets, namely Tabriz Baklava and Qurabiya that you can buy from “Rex Confectionery”.

Sohan” is Qom’s most famous sweet which has a crunchy and buttery texture and is made with wheat sprout, sugar, butter. The top of this toffee-colored sweet is pistachios.

In Hamedan Province, there are many tasty sweets, popular ones are “Komaj” and “Nan Shirmal” and also two semi-liquid sweets that are called “Angosht Pich” and “Halva Zarde”.

In Kerman, there is a kind of cookie with date filling which is called “Kolompeh”.


Famous Shiraz sweet including special cookies and jellies which are eaten together.

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