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Iran travel tips for Indians
Indians in Iran

Iran travel tips for Indians

As an Indian what comes to your mind first when you hear the name of Iran? Persian language? Film? Beautiful people? Tea? Old history? Parsis? Or war? Restrictions on women? Desert? A far country? Conservative?

Although Iran and India both are ancient civilizations with thousand years old record of cooperation but today a huge number of Indians don’t have information about Iran and don’t know this country as it is. If you want to know the real Iran, you must travel there but if now you don’t have the chance of traveling to this beautiful and unknown country, read this blog till the end. Because an Iranian proverb says: half of the enjoyment is talking about the enjoyment or the chase is half the fun. Now let’s read Iran travel tips for Indians.

  • Iran is a four seasons country. It means any time in the year you can experience different climates by traveling to different parts of it.


iran weather


  • Iran has a lot of attractive historical, natural and recreation places which after numerous travels to this country, still you won’t be able to visit all of them.
  • Iranians love beauty and cleanness. The cities are so clean and the houses have elegant decorations.


iranian house


  • Education of the girls and boys have a great value among Iranian families and Iranian children and teenagers attend different classes beside their school such as foreign languages, Quran, sport, music, mathematics, painting and etc.
  • The value of Iranian currency is so low in compare with Dollar. Therefore Iran is a budget destination. 1 Indian Rupee is about 2000 Rial now.
  • Every country has its special laws for different things even about the dress up. Iran is not an exception in this case. The standard dress in Iran is normal shirt and trouser for the men and shirt and trouser with covering some parts of hairs for the women.


dress in iran


  • Most of the Iranians respect traffic laws and so much horn honking disturbs the drivers.
  • Iran education system is in Persian language. Because of that most of the Iranians can’t speak English very well but still they are so kind and guide the tourists in any possible way.
  • Iranian women are so active. While they are a supportive mom and an amazing wife, at the same time they are professional and have important jobs. That’s why a lot of Indian tourists call Iran as the land of ladies.
  • All the Iranian restaurants provide Halal food. Also there are a lot of vegan and Indian restaurants in the country with a healthy, yummy and diverse menu.


iranian food


  • All of the alleys and streets of Iran have a name with a sign board. So finding an address isn’t difficult in Iran.
  • It is forbidden to carry alcoholic beverages and any narcotic drugs to Iran.
  • Behaviors such as spitting, sneezing and urinating are considered to be very unpleasant in Iran.
  • ATM devices are available almost everywhere but according to the sanctions these devices are not connected to the international accounts. Thus carry Dollar with you in your trip and change them to the Rial easily after arriving.
  • Iran visa process is so easy for the Indians. It will be issued on arrival and there will be no entry and exit stamp on their passport.
  • In all the public places such as doctor’s offices, stores and etc. wearing shoes is a need but for entering the houses, mosques and any other carpeted places, taking shoes off is important.
  • Iranians know India because of Bollywood films and they love this country. Usually when they visit Indian tourists, they try to communicate by telling Achha hai or talking about Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and other artists. this is the way they show their interest.
  • There is a culture in Iran which is called Taarof. It refers to an Iranian form of civility. There is a kind of Taarof in India too. For example, when you are invited to a dinner party in India and after finishing the meal you thank the host, rather than how much you ate they will tell you: You didn’t eat anything! This culture is much wider in Iran. I give an example. When you pay money to an Iranian, they never take your money at first sight and they say don’t mention it. At these moments you must insist on paying the money eventually. Another example is that at goodbye time they ask you to go to their home with them. At these moments you must thank them and tell that you will be their guest another time.
  • There are many types of souvenirs you can buy from Iran. They include both modern and traditional goods with an attractive packaging. A lot of shopping malls are available in Iran for buying different handicrafts, dry fruits, house decorations, herbal remedies, saffron, dresses, jewelry and the other things with a huge variety and affordable prices.


iranian souvenir


  • The official currency of Iran is Rial but since this currency has a lot of zeros, Iranians usually omit a zero in this currency in daily exchanges and the currency changes to Toman from Rial. For example, a note with the real value of 20000 Rial, is known as 2000 Tuman.
  • Iranians believe that street foods are not hygiene. Thus these kind of foods are not their favorite. Instead the best restaurants and cafes with the best quality of foods, drinks and desserts are available in Iran.


iranian street food


  • Beautiful face and style is so important for the Iranians. Because of that cosmetic surgeries, skin laser, hair transplant, weight lose surgeries and so on are so popular in Iran. If you saw people with nasal adhesive on their nose don’t surprise. It is a must after Rhinoplasty. Iran is so developed in cosmetic surgeries and if you are a fan of beauty surgeries, choose Iran for it’s fantastic quality and budget prices.


iranian rhinoplasty


In the conclusion I would like to note that Iranians are known for their hospitality and they love to see tourists in their country. I hope after reading these Iran travel tips for Indians, you make up your mind for traveling to Iran soon.



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