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Are you a British citizen planning to travel to Iran? To answer to your questions, read this article…

You have probably been thinking about a trip to Iran after hearing about its alluring historical attractions and its superbly hospitable people. Iran is not what the media portray. Actually, it is a relatively modern country with a young educated population. Iran trip will definitely be an experience you’ll never forget.

Like other tourists, British citizens also need a visa to travel to Iran. The only difference is that the process of obtaining Iran visa is more time consuming for UK citizens (like Americans and Canadians). Even though it may seem a bit challenging to apply for and get Iran visa, this country is surly worth it. Every year, hundreds of British citizens visit Iran.

To make sure the British travelers are safe in Iran, it is obligatory for them to travel on an organized (group or private) tour and be accompanied by a licensed guide during their Iran trip. After confirming your tour, Fotros travel agency, as your host, applies for Iran visa and when the authorization code or Visa Grant Number is issued from the Iranian Foreign Ministry, all you need to do is to stop in an Iranian Embassy (London, Dublin, etc.) to get your visa sticker using this code. Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date a visa application for Iran is submitted. If your passport contains an Israel stamp, you may be refused entry to Iran. For more information about Iran visa click here.
You may also wondering about what to wear in Iran. Dress code in Iran for women and men are based on Islamic law. You could read more about this here
Best time to visit Iran is from mid-April to early June and late September to early November. Iran is home to 22 UNESCO registered sites and has numerous wonders to be explored, from vast deserts to high mountains. “Fotros Travel Agency” applies for your Iran visa and perform memorable tours for British citizens.
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