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Iran Tours for Americans

Iran visa for Americans and Iran tour for Americans are two mysterious issues for many American travelers. Most Americans’ perceptions of Iran are limited to just images they see on media and the diplomatic news. But Americans are allowed and welcome to travel to Iran without any problems. It just needs more paperwork and patience which definitely worth it. Iran is a beautiful country which is home to 22 UNESCO registered sites and with incredibly hospitable people. Iranian folks are living their lives similar to Americans. And despite sanctions and lots of disagreements for decades, Iranians always welcome Americans with their warm smile. Americans who have traveled to Iran recommend Iran trip to their friends and believe Iran is a completely safe country.

Visiting Iran as a U.S citizen requires some paperwork and patience for obtaining Iran visa. It would take around 3 months for this process to be completed and the authorization number be issued. All tourists from U.S.A need to be with a guide and book a (private or group) tour and a specific itinerary with a travel agency. Americans mostly travel to Iran for 15 days and more, because they want to explore lots of tourism attractions in Iran.

“Fotros Travel Agency” is performing tours for Americans for years. Our guides are licensed and approved to accompany the American travelers. Once you book your Iran tour package, we submit the information in your visa application form and other necessary information you provided to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Iran to get you approved for a visa. It’s the longest part of the process of obtaining an Iran visa for Americans. When you’ll receive your authorization code from MFA, then you will send your passport and this code to the Iranian Embassy. Since Iran doesn’t have an embassy in the United States, the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan Embassy, Washington, D.C. handles this service for you. Keep in mind that admission to Iran can be refused to anyone with a passport containing a visa/stamp from Israel. You will find more information about Iran visa here.

In Iran, women should adhere to hijab based on Islamic laws at all time while in public (hair should be covered with scarf although it can be loose and arms also should be covered with at least ¾ length sleeves) and men must avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. About women’s and men’s dress code read this. Public displays of affection are strongly discouraged. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden in Iran. An alternative would be non-alcoholic malt beverage.

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