Iran Churches in Azerbaijan
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Iran Churches in Azerbaijan

East Azerbaijan

Saint Sarkis Cathedral

Inside of this church there are four columns with stone pillar, big dome and several vaults as well as an apse. The images of Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and Apostles have decorated the western wall in this church.

Saint Shoghakat Church

It is an Armenian Apostolic church in Tabriz and it is exactly located at a cemetery. The construction of this church was financed by a person whose name was Simon Manocherian, a leather manufacturing director whose mother’s name was Shoghakat. The meaning of Shoghakat refers to the ray of light that came from heaven. Some Prelates are buried in the cemetery next to the church.

West Azerbaijan

Sir Church / Marsarkis church
It is said that this church is related to the Sasanian era between 3rd or 5th century and is located on the slope of the Mount Sir, southwest of Urmia County. This church consists of two parallel naves interconnected by a narrow passage and it is remarked as a stone monument in this county and its entire walls and ceiling are made of eccentric stones. Sir church is the holy place for Christians such as Assyrians and Armenians.

St. Mary Church
Church of Saint Mary which is also called the East Assyrian Church is related to the Sassanid era in Urmia County. Some believes that three Zoroastrian priests who were predicting the birth of Prophet Jesus Christ after the departure to Bethlehem and their knowing about the birth of this prophet, turned the temple into the current church, that is why this church is taken as one of the monuments of first century AD. Its building has a square plan and solid foundation which is made of stone.

Chapel of Dzordzor (Barone)
This church is in the village in Zangar valley in Maku and it dates back to the 10th century AD. Dazordzor church is recorded in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Committee and Iran National monuments.

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