Architecture In Yazd
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Architecture In Yazd

“Architecture in Yazd “

Yazd is so well-known for its stunning history and old houses. We can never create a real picture of this city for you by our description because you should come and see how history and old stories flow in each alley.
Iranian Architecture is the most considerable thing which will attract your attention to Yazd. You are going to find so many amazing points in the old town part.
While you are walking through the alleys you will face with some of the alleys so-called “alleys for making up” 2 people who were sulking with each other! But How? 

Let’s imagine that you are crossing a very narrow alley and at the same time, so accidentally, the person who you are sulking with, is passing you. In such a situation you have to be careful not to touch the person but you cannot! This moment you are both feeling a funny strange situation which makes you smile and finally makeup is done! 

So after you pass this alley, you will notice “Sabat”. Sabet (Sabat) is a feature of the tropical and desert ecosystems and is found in provinces such as Yazd, Kerman, Isfahan, Khuzestan, and South Khorasan.

One of the functions of the Sabat is to create a shadow and a cool place for people passing there. This structure will become semi-corse in the summer, causing air turbulence to cool the air inside it. This semi-coat in the winter leads to warmer air inside the Sabat. Sabats are also providing this mild weather for their next houses, and they help to keep them stable against the forces that come from the structural pressure.

After that, we are facing the “windcatchers”. A windcatcher is a high tower built on the roof whose purpose is to cool the interior of the building by improving air circulation. So for sure by being located under any windcatcher you won’t feel any heat despite outside, there’s a desert climate!

Next interesting part of the old town is “Door knocker and Ring”.
We can say that it’s the most important feature of the old doors of Yazd province.
Door Knocker and carved rings are made of metal. Also, beautifully decorated and located in a door. There are two kinds of these door knockers on the left and right side of the door, designed to sound differently. So that One door knocker is for men and another for women. When a man knocks the door it sounds so Bam and when a woman knocks, it sounds so down and low-tone. Therefore, people living inside the house could realize whether a man is behind the door or a man.

Written by:

Sara Bagheri Nezhad

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